Mueller's Funny Farm
Mueller's Funny Farm

The Broomery

Riche Rd

Davis, 61019




Phone # 815.865.5413

Welcome to the Broomery.

Here in our broom shop, every broom is hand crafted with equipment that was in use at the time of the Civil War.  (I've always wondered how any war could be "civil".)

Each broom is individually made - one at a time.

The brooms are made using "broomcorn".  Broomcorn is actually a type of sorgham that is grown specifically for making brooms.  It does look like corn when it is growing but it has no " ears" and where the tassel would be on corn there is a seed head that contains the fiber that the brooms are made from.


Our walking sticks are made from several types of hard woods but we use hickory for most of them.


The dust pans ar made of stainless steel.  You will never wear one out.


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