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The Broomery

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     The Brooms

This broom is a light kitchen broom.  It fans out good and is handy for quick clean up.  It weighs approximately 1 3/4  pounds.  We call it the "2 band” broom since it is stitched with 2 rows of stitching cord.  It is priced at $20.00.

The broom you see here is our "medium duty" broom.  It is a good all-around broom.  It is not too heavy but still able to do some real work. It is our most popular broom, it has 3 bands of stitching and weighs about 2  pounds.  It is priced at $25.00.

Pictured here is the biggest broom we make. It is called here as our "heavy duty" broom. It is good in the garage, the stable, on the sidewalk and anywhere a good heavy broom is needed.  It has 4 bands of stitching and it will make short work of a large area.  This broom weighs approximately 3 pounds and is priced at $35.00.  

We also make "cobweb brooms".  We are sure that the folks that order one of these brooms don't really need them for themselves - they are buying it in case the neighbor needs to borrow it.  They can be ordered in various lengths and we sell them for between $7.00 and $12.00.

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